The 48

The 48 is a competition in which participating teams have 48 hours to write, direct, film, and edit a short film.


March 2nd, 2018 at 4pm – March 4th, 2018 at 4pm
This year all teams will compete in the same division

Project Screen Writer
One week before the start of the competition your team leader(s) will be send the genre for your film. At this point you may start writing, casting, securing locations, and storyboarding for your film. At 4pm at the start of the competition you will be given a line of dialogue, character name, and prop that each team must incorporate into their film.

The genres are:  Buddy Film, Romantic Comedy, Detective/Cop, Drama, Film de Femme, Hitchcock, Musical, Adventure, Foreign Film, Comedy/Crime/Thriller, Comedy Horror, Film Noir, Supernatural Thriller, Historical Fiction, Mocumentary, Underdog Film, Fantasy, Psychological Thriller, Original Adapted Film, Old School Martial Arts, Science Fiction



Screening Date TBD




*This competition is not mandatory, but provides great opportunity for hands-on learning and collaboration
*ALL participants must fill out a Code of Conduct agreement in order to participate.
*Schools may split into 2-3 teams if desired.
*Only one film per SCHOOL per DIVISION can be submitted to the screening.
*All content for the short films must be filmed during the time allotted for competition.
*Entries must be FAMILY APPROPRIATE and must not include the use of weapons, drugs, alcohol, nudity, sex, excessive violence, or material deemed to be offensive to categories of individuals based on their religion, ethnicity, race, sex, or sexuality.
*Entries can be no greater than 10 minutes in length.
*No entries may be posted online prior to the screening date. Any entries found online will be disqualified.


48 Registration

Please fill out all fields in order to register for The 48.
  • A phone number at which you can be reached during the competition.
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