By raising money through donation, sponsorship and advertising for Cinematic Arts Experience, you as a student have the opportunity to participate in the rewards program earning complimentary tickets to the Orange County Film Festival Award Show Gala. Fundraising is the best way to get your crew, friends and family to this year’s film festival without breaking the bank. LEARN MORE

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What will my donation do?

Your donation helps CAE fund the Orange County Film Festival.  By providing up and coming filmmakers with opportunities to develop their talent and appreciation for the art of film, your contribution allows students to have opportunities that may not otherwise be accessible.

CAE is constantly evolving with film festivals, conferences and humanitarian documentary projects, to create a student that is prepared to make a difference in the world.  Without the generosity and support of those who have given to CAE in the past, and those who will in the future, this would not be possible. With a gift to CAE, you are helping to build and develop an extraordinary training ground for the artists of tomorrow.


Creating your own campaign is a tangible way for your friends and family to help bring your dreams to life and give back to a program that supports you.

All donations go into a general fund. If an individual campaign donation is made on behalf of a student involved in the program, he or she may receive a ticket to the award show gala at no charge.


Cinematic Arts Experience is organized as a non-profit organization under IRS code 501(c)3.  Our Tax ID is 27-3820996.  All cash donations are fully tax deductible provided the donor receives no substantial return benefit.

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